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Smart Sensor Posture Corrector
Smart Sensor Posture Corrector
Smart Sensor Posture Corrector
Smart Sensor Posture Corrector
Smart Sensor Posture Corrector
Smart Sensor Posture Corrector
Smart Sensor Posture Corrector
Smart Sensor Posture Corrector
Smart Sensor Posture Corrector
Smart Sensor Posture Corrector

Smart Sensor Posture Corrector

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The Easiest & Most Affordable Way To Relieve Neck Pain

Providing the optimum solution for the tender care and well-being of your neck, our Cervical Traction Device was designed by in-house orthopedics and patented to help relieve neck pain, tension headaches, pinched nerves, TMJ, sore muscles and restore a proper cervical curvature in just 10 minutes of daily use. Made from extra dense elastic foam it provides a sturdy lightweight and a comfortable base to stretch on.

  • Naturally eliminate neck pain
  • Corrects postural imbalances
  • Stress relieving
  • Your own in-home chiropractor

The Benefits Customers Receive

❤ 【Relieve neck and shoulder pain】

Relieve stiffness and neck pain in just 10 minutes a day. Provides vertical and horizontal support, while the curvature of the neck support pillow stretches the spine to correct posture and relax muscles. Helps relieve neck pain, muscle soreness, temporomandibular joints and tension headaches. 

❤ 【Comfortable massage points available】
The neck retractor is designed with 6 massage points, which are designed to perfectly fit the neck acupuncture points, help you massage precise parts of the neck like real hands, relieve neck stiffness and provide a comfortable body massage. Promotes blood circulation and relieves neck pain and muscle stress.
❤ 【Restore perfect body posture】
Ergonomically designed to match the natural curve of the human spine, provides vertical, horizontal support and curvature stretch for neck traction therapy when you lie down to reduce spinal pressure, support the cervical spine and help restore the neck C-shaped curve. to restore perfect posture.
❤ 【Two neck pillows in one】
Two different neck stretches. Convex curves for beginners provide a gentler stretch. Allows the cervical spine to have a gradual adaptation process. The concave stretch is for advanced users with a larger stretch to help accommodate the recovery of the curve in the back of the neck.
❤  Recommended By Chiropractors
        --Eliminate neck pain the healthy way (no more painkillers)

       -Avoid expensive chiropractor bills

       -Regain a naturally correct posture

       -Wake up refreshed without a sore neck

       -Relieve Headaches, Stiffness, and Dizziness

Technical Details

Item Weight:

0.25 KG

Product Dimensions:

4.7× 9.4×4.7in

Material Type

300D Polyester

Our 30-Day Free Returns

We offer a 30-day risk-free warranty return for products from the date of purchase. So if your purchase doesn't work or has any issues, please let us know and we'll refund you or send you a new one. We have email support and will respond within 24 hours. If you need help, please use the contact page..

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Happy Clients







10,000+ referrals from pediatricians and moms

Great quality!

I have degenerative disc disease in my neck and also have fibromyalgia. This one has done more for me in 10 minutes than any yoga, exercise, weight loss, physiotherapy, massage, can think of. I was shocked by the immediate relief. I will continue to use it daily and I hope to see good long term results! highly recommended!

Jame- 03/2021


Like another review said, 10minutes of using the relaxer is worth far more than thousands of dollars spent on hand massages, massages, phisio, etc. In my case, I had a congenital block in my cervical spine, which accelerated my disc degeneration. After 3 sessions, the improvement was very noticeable, the range of motion increased by about 80%. So far, so good.

Jame- 03/2021

You wont regret buying it

I have struggled to get rid of my neck/back hump for years. I've got wider shoulders and a bigger bust, plus working on my computer and phone for hours a day, it's getting worse and more uncomfortable. I immediately noticed how good it felt because like all the stress was removed and my neck and shoulders were finally able to breathe.

Jame- 03/2021

Love it! Pinterest perfect!

I often experience neck and upper back pain, especially after a long day at work. So cervical traction can really ease all of this, especially at bedtime. This product truly bridges the gap between "pain and discomfort mean it's WARKIN'!" And "comfortable enough to not be afraid to use cervical traction tools on a daily basis." Absolutely love that one.

Rose- 06/2020


How To Use?

1. Lay the Cervical Traction Device on the ground. 
2. Slowly place your back down followed by your neck. 
3. Stretch out as much as what is comfortable to you.  

Who Is This For?

The Cervical Traction Device is for anyone that is suffering from moderate to high neck & shoulder pain and looking for an easy way to relieve it in the comfort of your own home. It is perfect for treating chronic neck pain, tension headaches, tight & sore neck muscles, desk posture as well as upper back and shoulder pain. Also a great remedy for specific conditions such as, cervical spondylosis, disc degeneration, pinched nerve and herniated disc.

How Long Until I Feel Pain Relief In The Neck?

You should feel immediate relief when you start stretching it, with consistent use for a long time you will be able to live a normal life without neck pain preventing you.

Is it freeship?

Yes  Free Shipping

Is There A Weight Limit?

Our Cervical Traction Device is built from incredibly strong foam material. This means it can withstand a weight of up to 150kg/330lbs. 

What If It Doesn't Work For Me?

Our Cervical Traction Device comes with a 60 day money-back guarantee. We're incredibly confident that you will get relief from your neck pain. If you don't please contact us at within 60 days of receieving the product and we will sort out a full refund.

Happy Customer


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